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United Airlines Requires Passengers to “Self Verify” COVID-19 Symptoms

United Airlines will now require passengers to complete a “health self-assessment” as part of its check-in process. It’s the latest effort by a U.S. airline to assure passengers that it’s safe to fly as the coronavirus pandemic continues. The airline’s “Ready-to-Fly” checklist does not involve temperature checks or diagnostic testing for the virus. Instead, travelers must review […]

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Travel Insurance

The One Thing More Important Than Travel Insurance

For the most part, we travel without thinking about dying while on a trip or vacation. When tragedy strikes this often leaves many questioning how “prepared” someone was.  While travel insurance is important, being financially prepared for death is more important than just having travel insurance. On a recent trip where I traveled without my […]

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How to Stay Fit When You Travel

Whether you travel for fun or for business, it seems that staying fit and eating healthy become a challenge. Some of us fool ourselves and stay in hotels with fitness centers, but the reality is that if this isn’t a priority when you are at home, it won’t be a priority when you are traveling. […]

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A Little Known Las Vegas Hotel Secret

On a recent business trip to Las Vegas, I was acutely aware of how dry the air was. I wanted to make sure I was hydrated but I forgot to pick up some saline solution and there was none for sale at the hotel. As I was chatting with a colleague about the air, he […]

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The OCD Travelers Guide to Hotel Stays

For anyone who does not suffer from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), the title may appear cute or funny, but to those like me who have “serious issues” with germs, you will appreciate this. I am not sure when I began to have issues with germs, but I know that being married has helped me see […]

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Could You Use a Massage Between Flights?

On my most recent trip to Colorado, I noticed a neat little in airport spa. I didn’t have time to stop as I was traveling on business and headed to a meeting, but I took notice. Sadly, on the return flight home, I was experiencing an excruciating headache. I had taken pain killers to no […]

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Save Big with Costco Travel

If you weren’t aware, another great benefit of having a Costco membership is Costco Travel. A colleague mentioned recently that he had received a discount coupon in his monthly coupons sent out  by Costco. Check out the Costco Travel website and you will find all kinds of deals including: Cruises Car Rentals Hotels Vacation Packages […]

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Packing For Overseas Travel

If the idea of packing for a trip is a daunting task, then as a rule, imagine packing for overseas travel when space is at a premium than it is with domestic travel. Gathering personal items and packing them into luggage that is appropriate for overseas travel can be made easier with preparation and by […]

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