Carry-on Luggage Packing Tips For Him And Her

Savvy travelers are looking for ways to save money at the airport so they have more to spend once they arrive at their final destination. One-way to do this is to bypass checked luggage fees and pack your necessities in your carry-on. Packing a carry-on bag, especially if you’re going away for more than a few days, can be a challenge but here are some tips for both men and women on how to make use of the limited space in a carry-on bag:

Packing pointers for women include:

  • Limit yourself to one color palette and choose separates that can be easily layered. Consider basic, solid color dress that can be dressed up, or down with separates. Pack a lightweight cashmere cardigan to help transform your outfits.
  • Choose fewer than three pairs of pants – a pair of jeans, black pants, and another style that you favor.
  • Pack one white shirt and a stylish top. Either of these can take you from day to night depending on the accessories you pair with them.
  • Speaking of accessories: jewelry doesn’t take much space in your luggage and can make a statement and make each outfit feel fresh. Also, don’t forget the visual impact a belt can make to an outfit.
  • Pack less than three pair of shoes (I know, this is the tough one) :-). Choose a pair of sensible heels that can take you from day to night, a pair of flats, and a pair of sneakers.

It’s typically easier for men to pack their items into a carry-on since they can get away with a very basic “uniform.” Packing pointers for men:

  • Purchase and pack wrinkle free pants and shirts. Wear your suit jacket or blazer to save room in the carry-on. Choose dark colors, as they are suitable for business dinners, plane travel, and nights out on the town.
  • Layers are suitable for men as well as women when it comes to a travel wardrobe. Pack a basic pullover, collared shirt and tie, a t-shirt, and even a vest. These separates can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.
  • Pack two pairs of pants: black pants or khakis can be worn in most all travel situations.
  • Pack a pair of jeans for casual times and for wearing on the plane.
  •  Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes: a pair of athletic shoes and a pair of shoes for business gatherings.

Remember the rules as it relates to carry-on liquids and place all liquids in a plastic bag to prevent leaks onto your clothing. Choose multi-purpose grooming items to save more space in your carry on. Most importantly, verify your carry-on fits the carry-on size and weight requirements; be advised that the size and weight requirements vary by airline.

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