Five Money Saving Tips For Business Travelers

Guest Post: This is a guest blog post from BASC Expertise, a small business and accounting firm based in Chandler, Arizona.

Many businesses are cutting back on business travel because of the recent economic situation, but there are ways to make your travel dollar go further when you hit the road for business purposes.

Here are our top five tips for saving money:

  1. Last minute travel purchases may pay off. In the past booking travel early was the best financial advice offered to business travelers. Currently though, airlines may offer cut-rate last minute travel fares as a way to fill unsold seats. Hotels and rental car companies may also offer last minute deals as well.
  2. Don’t be afraid to check the prices of airline, car rentals and hotels after you’ve booked. If you see a lower rate, ask them to refund the difference.
  3. Look for hotels that offer amenities such as free breakfast, kitchen suites, free parking and Internet access. If you’re staying in an area for an extended period of time, booking yourself into an extended-stay hotel can be a money saver as these rooms will typically provide refrigerators and stoves and it’s less expensive (and healthier) to cook your own meals than to order take-out.
  4. Check the differences in air fares between round trip flights as compared to two one-way flights with different carriers. Also, check the difference between the price of airline tickets as it relates to the day of the week on which you depart and arrive – fares fluctuate wildly on various travel days.
  5. Scour the Internet and mobile apps such as FourSquare for online only deals and upgrades or money-off incentives for checking into a specific location. Many restaurants, hotels, car rental companies and airlines are offering coupons and other incentives as a way to lure business travelers. Don’t forget to sign up for rewards programs offered by these entities as well as many of them will offer upgrades or free nights or amenities to frequent users.

As with any cost-cutting or money-saving venture, it pays to shop around and ask for the best deal. We’d love to hear your money-saving business travel tips.

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