How to Save Money on International Travel

I found this amazing article on saving money on travel, so I thought I would share it. My favorite tip was #5, as I had not heard that one prior and I shared it below. Let us know your favorite money saving travel tip from the list and also let us know what you would add to the list (share in the comments below).


5) Clear your browser history before purchasing

In December 2013 my wife, Lyric, was traveling from Indiana to Chicago. She was searching on and found a flight for $150. 6 hrs later she did the search again and saw it was quoting $250!!! Lyric screamed out to me, “it’s gone up $100 I better buy it now!” I said, “look in a different web browser.” Sure enough when she looked again in Firefox rather than Chrome the price was still $150.

Why did this happen?

Well, airline websites are tracking your browser history through “cookies” and when they sense you’re about to buy a ticket they raise the price! The solution is to do your research while you are not logged in to any site and then when you are buying your ticket you should change your browser or clear your history.

To clear your history in Chrome go to the top right menu (3 lines) -> History -> Clear browsing data -> Check all the boxes -> Select date range -> Clear browsing history – Read the full story here.

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