How to Stay Fit When You Travel

Whether you travel for fun or for business, it seems that staying fit and eating healthy become a challenge. Some of us fool Las Vegas Hotel Secretsourselves and stay in hotels with fitness centers, but the reality is that if this isn’t a priority when you are at home, it won’t be a priority when you are traveling. The same goes for eating healthy. If you establish healthy eating patterns in your life, they will likely stick with you whether you are traveling or not.

On my last trip to Las Vegas (for business, seriously) I did pretty well. Thankfully, we have a timeshare so I was able to purchase food and not “have to” eat out all of the time. Im the end, it comes down to making good choices. And of course, we make the best choices when have created a lifestyle of habit. How to we create those habits? Mostly through learning the right things to do when it comes to our health.

I want to recommend a book to you all. It’s a simple read and it’s written by a former Major League strength and conditioning coach (Bill Ross, founder of Major League Conditioning Centers in Phoenix). It’s call The Fitness Puzzle and I am sure you will enjoy it. In the book you will learn simple, yet powerful truths about health, nutrition, weight loss, and how the body works in relation to burning calories. The book also debunks many of the things we are lead to believe about health and fitness that simply aren’t true.

I have not only read Bill’s book, but Bill is a friend of mine and I have attended one of his live health seminars. If you happen to live in the Phoenix area, give him a call and find out when the next one is. You won’t be disappointed.

Hopefully you will come away with some tips to help you establish a new mindset with regard to your health. Perhaps some new habits, so that when you are traveling you won’t feel the need to eat any differently which of course makes the recovery process that much more challenging.

Happy Travels!

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