JetBlue Offers to Fly Upset Voters Out of the Country

Certainly you’ve heard the rant “if so and so gets elected, I’ll leave the country!” It’s sensationalist and the traditional media loves to pick up that kind of stuff. And I imaging for some, it’s genuine.  JetBlue Airlines has brilliantly capitalized on this trend and has put together a promotion to offer a free flight out of the country to soothe 1,006 people whose candidate loses the upcoming election. Heck, I’d love a free trip… and if my candidate loses, I’ll definitely need a vacation (not saying who my candidate is, of course) 🙂

To enter, visit and from there it’s pretty simple because they allow you to use Facebook to give them all of your information. Don’t get me started on Facebook privacy (but speaking of Facebook, don’t forget to join the Travel Ringer Facebook page.)

Enjoy this promotional video from JetBlue regarding the promotion:

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