Packing For Overseas Travel

If the idea of packing for a trip is a daunting task, then as a rule, imagine packing for overseas travel when space is at a premium than it is with domestic travel. Gathering personal items and packing them into luggage that is appropriate for overseas travel can be made easier with preparation and by following a few basic guidelines.

How to prepare for an overseas trip:

  • Check with your travel agent or the Transportation Security Administration to uncover up-to-date lists of items that are allowed in both carry on and checked bags.
  • Ask the travel agent or tour company for a list of items suggested for the trip. Keep in mind that some tour agencies limit the number of bags each individual is allowed. You will want to pack for the climate in the country you are visiting. Plan for at least two changes of clothing per day. Don’t forget the accessories for each outfit including socks, shoes, undergarments, and jewelry.
  • Make a checklist of the items you will need to pack and check it off as it’s been stowed. Gather the items at least a couple of weeks prior to the trip.
  • Pack toiletries. Purchase travel size quantities of the items you use on a daily basis. Pack the items in a zipper top bag and packed in an easily accessible location as it will have to be removed when going through security. Do not pack your medications in a checked bag. If your luggage gets lost it could be difficult to receive replacements. Make sure medications are in bottles that are clearly labeled from the pharmacy.
  • Pack items such as tissues, hand gel sanitizer, and other hygiene items that will make you feel comfortable when traveling.
  • Purchase a small neck wallet or folder in which to place your important travel documents. This makes them easily accessible and keeps them all in one place.
  • Purchase power adapters for cell phones, computers, and other electronics for the countries you will be traveling. Most countries have unique power configurations and it will be less expensive to purchase these items while you’re home rather than when you are abroad.

Packing as lightly, but as smartly, as possible will help you enjoy your overseas trip and will prevent you from having to make costly overseas purchases for daily use items.



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