What NOT To Do During Your Next Hotel Stay

We all know there are rules – both spoken and unspoken – in many arenas of life and staying in a hotel is no different. Here is an article that shares with you 10 things you should never do while staying at a hotel.  Some is just common sense, and some may be enlightening. Read […]

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How to Get FREE Luggage Carts at the Airport

I know this works at BWI and I am sure it works at other airports as well. If you go to the curb outside (where people get ground transportation) prior to going to baggage claim, you will see several abandoned luggage carts. If ground transportation is too far away, it may not be worth saving […]

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Needles Found in Airline Meals? What Next?

As if there weren’t enough issues to be concerned with when traveling, a very odd case of needles showing up in airlines meals aboard an International Delta flight. Experts say this is extremely rare, but I it gives travelers yet one more thing to worry about.  I guess I will check my meal a bit […]

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Need a Frugal Getaway – How About a Staycation?

As gas prices and unemployment rates continue to climb staycations (or vacations close to home) are becoming more and more popular. Don’t totally give up on the possibility of a much needed getaway, but rather do some research and find a frugal getaway close to home.  Many hotels offer summer specials to locals, but you […]

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Hot Summer Deals for Arizona Getaways

When I say hot, I mean REALLY HOT and I don’t just mean the prices. It’s no secret that Arizona boasts some of the hottest summer temperatures in the US. This being my first full summer hear, I am beginning to wonder what God was thinking.  Perhaps, He just wants to keep us all in […]

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Save Over $500 With AMEX Platinum on Your Next Trip

GUEST POST by Kimberly of Jet Set Life With the prices of everything increasing, it’s hard to find good deals on luxury hotels, rental cars and especially airfare! The American Express Platinum Card has so many benefits, but their Platinum Travel Benefits are my absolute favorite! Fine Hotels & Resorts: A collection of the world’s […]

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Are Cruises Safe?

I’m not sure about you, but one person gone missing on a cruises ship is one too many for me. I am not here to personally destroy the cruise industry (as if I were that influential), but we are all entitled to our own opinion, right? I have never been on a cruise, and I […]

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How To Make Money in the Travel Business

Make no bones about it, the travel industry is a multi-billion per year industry. The question is how does the average person tap into this and make money. The obvious choice is to get a job in the industry, but most jobs (other than pilots and executives) don’t really pay that well. Here are a […]

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