Review of South Point Casino – Impressive, but not Impressed

My wife and I stayed at the South Point Casino a few weekends ago at the recommendation of a friend who lives there, and primarily due to it’s location (close to his house where we were attending a party). We checked in and sadly there was no King Sized bed as we requested. I know that it’s just a request, but the counter agent didn’t really give me much condolence, nor did she care when I told her I would be writing a review of the hotel.

The second mishap was when the power went out. I subsequently wrote a letter to let them know I wasn’t happy about that, and also let them know that I would be writing a review of the hotel – I guess they don’t understand what hotel reviews are all about, because all I got was a phone call telling my why the power went out. If you are wondering, yes I was expecting a free stay. I guess I will stay at Red Rock Casino next time.

so here is the recap.


1. The rooms which are new and spacious; our view was decent, but not great.

2. The fact that the hotel is fairly new (one of the newest in Vegas), which made is seem less smoky in the Casino.

3. I have to say the Casino Rocks because we made money on Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, and Video Roulette (although the traditional Roulette machine don’t show the number history well).

4. Lots of restaurants, including a great buffet and an oyster bar.

The “Why I Won’t Go Back or Recommend South Point” Factor:
Average to Less Than Average Customer Service. There were a few folks that did great jobs like some of the dealers, the bell captain, and the valet folks, but the management and desk staff just were not good at making customers feel important, and I guess they forgot that there are over 300 hotels to choose from. When a customer takes time to write and say “hey, I’d love to recommend you but here is where I was let down as your customer” and the response is “sorry”, that just doesn’t cut it.

I know it might make me seem high maintenance or arrogant to say that, but that’s not the case. It comes from knowing that in a business market, it is arrogant for a company to think that they can just treat people the way they want to and still have their business. On my last trip to Las Vegas, I had exceptional service from a far less “pretty” hotel, and prior to that I stayed at The New Frontier most of the times because they always gave me free rooms. Were they the best rooms? Not by a long shot. Did they know how to treat customers? ABSOLUTELY.

By the way, if you own or manage a hotel anywhere in the world and want a free review, just invite me to stay 🙂 I can’t guarantee that I can accept all invitations (especially if it involves a flight of more than 6 hours), but I am open to offering you free publicity by giving the stay away and allowing whoever stays there to write the review. Just leave a comment below and I will contact you.

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