Tips For Getting Through The Airport With Ease

Airport travel rules have undergone many changes in the past few years and the amount of time required to navigate the check-counter and security has changed as well. Arrival times also vary based on the airport you are using; the rule of thumb is to arrive at least two hours before your flight. Factor for time it will take you to find parking and check your baggage when determining how early you need to leave your home to arrive at the airport.

Pack your luggage wisely: Prior planning is required for every flight. All of your luggage should be tagged with your name and address and closed securely but must remain unlocked. If you are packing any gifts in your carry-on or checked bags, the gifts must be unwrapped.  Carry-on bags must meet the size and weight requirements. They could be rejected if it is oddly shaped or overstuffed. Choose the smallest carry-on possible.Remember that aerosols, gels, and liquids must be in containers that are three ounces or fewer in size and must be in a separate clear zipper bag, whichcan be removed for screening. Sharp objects and flammable items are not allowed.

Have your paperwork in hand: Keep your photo identification or passport and boarding pass readily available in an easily accessible location as you will be asked for it many times during the check in and security checkpoints.

Checking in and boarding: Arrive early so you are not rushing through the airport. A late arrival does not mean you will avoid waiting in line but will likely mean you will miss your flight. Reduce stress by arriving early. Allow yourself enough time to print boarding passes, check luggage, and make it through the security screening process. Do not forget to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off, as you will need to remove them for the screening process.

Travel lightly: The fewer items you need to keep track of at the airport the less stress you will feel. The ever-increasing cost of baggage fees is another reason to pack lightly. If possible, ship items to your destination rather than traveling with them.

Keep the children entertained: When traveling with children, plan to keep them entertained during the flight and in case of delays. Make sure they are well rested before you begin your travel. Consider having special activities planned to keep them occupied and pack your own snacks rather than waiting for the airline snack service.

Do your part to make airline travel stress free and your journey will be more enjoyable for everyone involved!

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  1. Gaby August 19, 2015 at 9:40 am #

    Great tips and pretty much what I do. I also try to wear trsureos / shorts with a string tie (no belt) and flip flops that I can kick off if needed. A pair of socks are good to have in the carry on incase it’s cold on the flight!

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