Travel Insurance: What You Need To Know

Guest Post: This is a guest blog post from Balderson Insurance Agency, an insurance agency based in Frederick, Maryland.

Travel insurance may be an investment that individuals look at as “not quite worth it,” but in some cases, travel insurance can protect the investment you’ve made in your trip if your travel plans go awry.

We’ve put together three of the most common travel insurance coverage misconceptions and what they mean:

  • Medical evacuation coverage is insurance to protect you in the event you are injured or fall ill while on vacation and need to be evacuated to a medical care facility. As with all types of insurance, coverage and premiums vary wildly between carriers. You will want to look at your specific trip and determine whether you’re going to a location that might require this type of coverage. Additionally, if you’re traveling out of the country you will want to check with your medical insurance carrier to see if the coverage provides protection. In some instances, again depending on where you are traveling, you may want to check with a medical evacuation service provider to see whether they provide service in the area of the country or world in which you’ll be traveling.
  • Trip cancellation insurance can either provide reimbursement if you need to cancel a trip because of an illness or emergency, for example. Other travel/trip cancellation insurance can be purchased in the event you need to “cancel for any reason” but this coverage is typically more expensive. Trip cancellation insurance is provided (at an additional charge) through airline carriers and other travel providers.
  •  Accident/adventure coverage. If you’re taking a vacation in which you’ll be hang gliding, mountain climbing, white river rafting – or other hazardous activities, you may want to talk with your insurance provider to see if you can purchase coverage to protect you if you’re injured during the course of these hazardous activities.

Your local, trusted insurance agent is your best source for obtaining questions as they relate to travel insurance coverages. Tell your insurance agent where you’ll be traveling, the type of activities you’ll be engaged in, and which area of the country, or world, you’ll be visiting – full disclosure will help make certain you get the coverage you need.

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