Travel Planning For The Holiday Season

Making vacation and travel plans requires planning and forethought. This is especially true during the holiday season. There are several steps to take to make holiday travel as stress-free as possible and make the travel to your destination as enjoyable as your arrival:

Uncover peak travel dates and plan your trip to avoid these high traffic times. In addition to bringing crowds of travelers, peak travel dates also bring elevated prices on hotel rooms, car rentals, and plane tickets. Planning a vacation in advance of these peak travel times will help you avoid the rush and potentially higher ticket prices. Delays may be an inevitable part of travel so when booking your flight, pay attention to the connecting flight details and leave enough time to make it from one gate to the next.

Comparison shop for the best travel deals and book early. Search the Internet or work with a travel agent to secure the best prices. Keep in mind that some sites offer deals on travel bundles that include airline, vehicle rental, and hotels.

Pack with care and in accordance with airport security regulations. Avoid additional airport fees by limiting yourself to carry-on luggage only. Remember to have liquids and gels in a separate zipper top bag since you will have to remove it from your carry-on when going through security. Adhering to travel security requirements means you will have an easier time getting through security and arriving to your gate on time.

These common sense steps may make for a better holiday travel experience and pre-planning takes away much of the stress of a trip, regardless of the time of year.

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