Guest Travel Bloggers – Write for Us

We enjoy having guest blog posts because the travel industry is so broad and it allows us to give our audience several different view points, and more content than we could write internally.

We do have a few rules, so please read below before submitting a guest post query:

1. The topic must be somehow related to travel. The good thing about travel is that it connects with so many aspects of our lives, that you could literally tie a travel blog post to just about any industry (business, law, shopping, kids, you name it!)  We like creativity, but always keep it family friendly.

2. The blog post must be original and not taken from another site or posted anywhere else online. Feel free to link to it, but please do not re-post it on any other blogs or websites.

3. You can put a link to your website in the signature box. Please submit the site being linked to in your guest post proposal. We need to approve any sites being linked to for several reasons.

4. The blog post should contain a minimum of 750 words. Longer is better as people like engaging posts and will stay around to read them.

Your guest post will be shared through the various Social Media channels that we use. We appreciate when our guest authors help promote on their social media channels as well.

Also, we invite you to come back and respond to any comments on your post. If you do not respond, we will do our best, but it won’t be the same as if it was from you.

If you would like to guest post, please send the post or topic along with the site(s) being linked to via email to admin @  If we do not respond within 7-10 business days, feel free to send it to another site.

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